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Theme Park, Leisure and Entertainment consulting


Managed attractions, including theme parks, have become the cornerstone of the Leisure economy which has consistently been gaining in importance as an economic activity. GBR Consulting has carried out numerous market research, concept development and financial feasibility studies for various types of managed attractions in Greece and Cyprus, ranging from an ecological park to theme parks.


  • Evaluation of the following markets: a) Hotels, b) Managed Attractions, c) Golf, d) Marinas, e) Sports, f) Medical, g) Education, and provision of Master Planning advice for the Redevelopment plan of a major coastal side in Athens – Greece
  • Market Research and prefeasibility study for the definition of a concept for the sustainable development of an ecological park on the Athens Sea Front
  • Ski Centre Valuation
  • Market Scan for an Italian Pizza restaurant in Athens
  • Market study for the creation of a water park in Athens
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Study for the Development of Theme Parks in Cyprus
  • Market research and feasibility study for a bowling and entertainment centre in Athens
  • Conceptualisation and market research for a theme park and a music venue for a municipality in Athens
  • Preliminary Market Demand and Cost and Benefit Analysis for the transformation of an old industrial site in Athens into a multi-use development incorporating leisure facilities, shopping center, concert hall, multiplex cinema and virtual reality entertainment, on behalf of a major Cypriot company
  • Market and Financial Feasibility study for the development and expansion of specialized Fast Food Operations in Greece and preparation of the Franchise Package, on behalf of a major U.S-based Fast Food Chain
  • Conceptualisation, development and financial appraisal of a Historical Theme Park in the area of Paphos, Cyprus, within the context of the strategic plan for the promotion of Cultural Tourism in the island

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