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About the Barometer

The GBR Consulting Barometer is a regular suvey to obtain insights into the Greek hotel industry's opinions current issues as well as expectations about Occupancy (OCC) and Average Room Rate (ARR).

If you are a hotelier and you want to participate, please send us your business email (i.e. one linked to a hotel url) to The records kept of survey responses do not contain any identifying information that can lead to the identification of the person that has responded or the hotel s/he represents.

Expectations for 2017

  • Greek hoteliers are very optimistic for 2017 with a majority expecting increases in occupancy levels and room rates compared to last year. Furthermore, about 4 out of 10 hoteliers is forecasting that their performance will be on par with last year both for occupancy and ADR levels.

  • The city hoteliers expect to continue the positive trend of 2016. For the market overall 47% is expecting improvements in occupancy levels of at least 2%, while 56% is expecting these growth levels for ADR.

  • The projections of the resort sector are even more optimistic with 68% and 60% of hoteliers expecting improvements of at least 2% compared to last year for occupancy and room rates respectively.

    GBR Consulting Hospitality Barometer

  • In the categories 3 – 5 star the majority of hoteliers is expecting increases of 2% and more on all levels for the market in general. The 5 star hoteliers are the most optimistic of all hoteliers.

  • The 2 star hoteliers are also optimistic in terms of occupancy development, but expect room rates at similar levels as last year.

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The full study

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