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Consultants in Greece

The Business Consultants of GBR Consulting support clients develop their businesses in a structured manner leading to growth. We offer our clients lasting solutions in the field of strategy, marketing, organisation and finance, while also delivering litigation support.



Hotel Brand Report 2016

Hotel Brands in Greece
The current hotel brand landscape in Greece

March 2014


Hospitality Newsletter

Hospitality Newsletter Performance data of the Greek Hospitality Industry. click here


Tourism Barometer

Hotel Barometer Outlook of the Greek hotel industry for 2018. click here


GBR Consultants in Greece offer solutions

GBR Consulting - business consultants greece by recognising new trends in the market
by formulating clear missions carried by the entire organisation
by assessing and securing the financial feasibility of your plans
by optimising business processes
by identifying new pmc's
by establishing promising partnerships
by revealing what is really going on through client interviews
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